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We always plan our litters very carefully, in our breeding program we use only healthy dogs with good temperament (we test our dogs for patellar luxation, heart diseases and hereditary eye diseases and we plan genetic testing as well) and our puppies have our maximum care. We try to give them the best possible start to their lives and the best base for healthy development, that's why we feed them high-quality dog food  ND (adult dogs in our home we feed ND and Nutra Gold Grain Free). To their diet we add chondroprotective products and calcium for healthy development of joints and bones, yeast and kelp for shiny and quality coat. We also regularly feed our dogs fresh vegetables and fruits, raw meat and bones.

Our puppies are handed to new owners fully independent, microchipped, with tick and echinococcus treatment and all necessary vaccinations. The new owner will also obtain a buying contract, a pet passport, a puppy packet (dog food and a few small things to make the change to a new home easier for the puppy) and information about care, nutrition and training. The puppy's pedigree will be posted to the new owners as soon as we receive it from the Studbook.

Socialization, house training, show training and reaction to a lure are very important to us and we take a lot of time teaching our puppies these skills. All our dogs and puppies live at home with us and they are a part of our everyday life, all of them have balanced, friendly and confident temperaments.

If you are reliable and have enough love, patience and time and are interested in owning one of our puppies, please contact us for more information (please don't forget to send some information about yourself). You will have to come and pick up the puppy, we never ship puppies abroad as it is too stressful for the puppy and we always want to meet the new owners in person.






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