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Archive 2011


Our Kellinka was officially awarded with the Czech Junior Champion title today, we are so happy!!!

121901.jpgHere you can see a few new pictures of our handsome and fidgety little A-boy Akim (Aquamarine). I saw Akim quite recently, he is growing into a gorgeous male with a wonderful temperament, I'm so happy!

Great thanks to the owners for taking care of him so well !!!!

112401.jpgYesterday I received some beautiful new pictures of our sweet little boy Maty (Ametyst). I'm very happy for he looks really lovely so far, very much like his father Talata David!

The owners are very handy, the coats and jackets Maty's wearing are home-made! And our little one really is a perfect model, have a look yourself :)

Big thank you to the owners for all the love and great care they are giving him!

101003_kelli.jpgOn Saturday the 8/10 I went with David and Kellinka to the International Dog Show in Česke Budejovice where after several rainy shows there a lovely sunny wether awaited us. IGs were judged by a Sweedish judge Mrs. Wera Hübenthal who I didn't know but who judged well, used the whole range of markings, emphasized on movement and body structure and gently feeled the dogs throughout. IGs were judged quite early, I showed David in a much occupied open class - there were five all grey, all nice dogs enterred. David obviously didn't have his day, he fought with me when stacked (he loves to lovingly stare at me when I stack him, which is absolutly adorable but unfortunately not acceptable in the ring :) so he ended up straight in the middle with Ex3. Kellinka was alone in the class, so it was an easy fight for her second CAC. After an initial hesitation she showd herself nicely and beated a champion class female for CACIB and then the judge awarded her being the most beutiful italian greyhound of the show with BOB! I didn't wait for the final competitons because it was a long day for all of us, I went to wisit Helena Podana to celebrate Kellinka's success and to cuddle with the puppies instead :)

101001_ivi.jpgA week after that our lovely Atractivo (Ivi) left to his new home in Jasło, Poland. I believe that he will make his new owners happy, he is very sweet tempered with beautiful outlines, I have very high hopes for him in the show rings!

I'm glad that all three our A-boys are well taken care of and live with lovely people!

On the left Atractivo still at home with us, below at his new home.


On Saturday the 1/10 a second Czech IG Club Show of the year was held in Litomerice. I was very much looking forward to the show, but unfortunately I was ill and unable to attend athough I had three dogs entered. So at least I enclose a link with a short commentary to the show (it's in Czech - sorry, but there are links to the photogallerys at the bottom) and a link where you can find the results:

On Saturday the 10/9 I went with Tituška and Kellinka to the Moravian Chamionship in lure 0901001.jpgcoursing. Tituška ran in the race but since we haven't been at any trainings for quite some time now and she usually runs solo, she didn't do her best. At first round she came as the secnd IG, but after the second round she finished last because she lost the lure. She only cought up for the last straightway which she ran perfectly and outran even Yvet Feritte Bugsy who is very fast and won the whole race! Kellinka ran in the race two licencing courses (first with Tituška and second with another female) which she managed perfectly.
On the picture Kellinka and Tituška during the first race.

A week after that, on the 17/9, we went to a training to Litomysl where Tituška and Kellinka ran two joint runs which they really enjoyed! I always like to go to Litomysl for lure coursing, the weather has been always nice so far, the races are well-organized, there is an interresting terrain for the races and most of all the dogs enjoy it greatly!!!

On Saturday I traveled very light with Kellinka to a Middle-European Sighhound Show in Konopiste. We enjoyed a lovely and sunny day in a nice park surroundings. The judge was Mr. Heinz Anschober from Austria who I haven't seen judging yet but I must say he judged well, was strict and careful, observed each IG throughoutly and I was really pleased with his gentle approach to the dogs. Kellinka was enterred to an adult class for the first time, she was very good, showed herself nicely and received not only a very pleasing report but also Ex1 and valuable CAC. Thank you to Jurkovicovi for the pictures!

090502.jpg   090503.jpg

I was very pleased that both our little A-boys (Ametyst and Aquamarine) came to the show, I was very happy to see them, they have an amazingly outgoing, friendly and lively temper after their mother Isabellka (Letizia z Koziho vrsku).

090501.jpgFor a long time I didn't have time to write updates, so I'm getting back to it now. We had a very laid back summer enjoing ourselves, we didn't go to shows only to several lure coursing trainings with Kellinka and Tituška.

The biggest event was the departure of our little Aquamarine (Akim) to his new home. He lives with a lovely family in Prague and he is having a great time. We wish him and his new owners lot of happiness and joy!!!

071901.jpgTomorrow is our Tita's second Birthday. David was two years old on the 27/6 so we celebrated both together. All the dogs were treated with a nice dinner and a lovely long walk which they really enjoyed running around and exploring the woods :)

And here I add a picture of our sleeping boys:


070601.jpgA National Dog Show in Brno took place on the 25/6. I was unfortunately unable to attend personally but Monika Vagnerova from Muj Andilek Kennel agreed to show Kellinka who was enterred into Junior Class and finished with Ex1, CAJC and Jr.BOB. Girls you did a great job, big thanks and congratulations!!!

The author of the lovely photos is Martina Anlaufova :)


062501.jpgYesterday the first of our lovely A-boys left to his new home - Ametyst. He will live quite close to us with a very sweet and sympathetic family in Prague. We wish them lots of luck and happiness!
Here you can see how "Maty" is getting used to his new home :)


061401.jpgI was quite bussy in the last few days, so only now I'm getting to the last updates:

Our A-Litter babies were two months on the 14/6! They are growing into beautiful and ballanced males who will make their new families very happy. Have a look yourself.


061201.jpgOn Sunday (12/6) after the Club Show I went with Kellinka and David to Lanskroun to a Regional Dog Show. It was more or less a training for them - to gain experience in the show ring - and I also believe that IGs should be seen not only at big shows but also at little ones like this, especially when it's so well organised and has such support of the public! We always like to come back to this show.

The judge was an "all roud" judge Mr. Otakar Vondrous and that was a reason I didn't expect much from the judging. But there came another surprise of the weekend! The IGs were among the last to show so I had a whole day to watch him judge and I must say I was very pleasantly surprised. Mr. Vondrous had a very gentle and patient approach to all the dogs, tried to help the handlers who were mostly unexperienced at first sight and it was evident that he has an eye for a dog's morphology and movement, he easily identified "real" faults and faults caused by insufficient handling. David and Kellinka both received lovely reports and David was Regional Winner and Kellinka Junior Class Winner. What a day :)



david1.jpgOn the 11/6 we set of to Namest nad Oslavou where a Czech IG Club Show was held as every year at this time. It took place in a beautiful surroundings of a local castle park, the weather was lovely and there were many prizes for the winners ready. There were 49 IGs entered (it's a record!) and the judge was Mr. Vlastimil Vojtek from Slovakia, a long-time breeder of Afgan Hounds and a sighthound specialist. He was very strict, which kellinka1.jpgwould be a good thing in my oppinion, but unfortunately incosistent in his judging, without a preferation of a type and also his judging reports were quite similar one to another (a great dissapointment when you expect so much).

We didn't end up very well, Kellinka and David even received very good, which I'm not sure they quite deserved. Although David didn't want to show in movement and the stacking wasn't perfect either, I'm sure he deserved better. And I'm also confident that so did Kellinka who was VG3 in a class with 7 other dogs entered. The only one who saved us this time was our Tita who was Ex2, R.CAC and showed herself nicely in the competition of other 4 females.

tituska4.jpgJudging so many IGs took quite some time, the Club newly openned a Metuzalem Class, for IGs over 11 years and a Child and a Dog Competition, for children under 13 years.

Even though I was a bit disappointed by the judging we had a lovely day and we are looking forward to the next club show which will be held in October in Litomerice.

061102.jpgYou can find full results on The Czech IG Club Website.

Below you can find links to different photogalleries:
author: Eliška Lorenzová
author: Martina Anlaufová
author: Renáta Mildner
author: pan Baťha
author: Richard Podaný


img_8702.jpgOur puppies are growing up so fast, they're going to be 8 weeks on Thursday! They already started going outside with us (not only to the garden) and they love to spend time with the adults. We update our puppy page and photogallery regularly so you can see how they grow.

tituska-klatovy-1.jpgOn Saturday 5/6 there was a National Dog Show in Klatovy. The judge was Mrs. Hana Petrusová, who is one of the few czech judges who understand italian greyhounds!

Kellinka presented herself quite well again, but the judge found her not quite firm in posture and movement. CAJC and Best Junior was beautiful Lúthien Gil-Endor.

Tituška was much more successfull. The judge mainly emphasized her excellent body structure, long neck and tail and movement. She was rated the best italian greyhound with Ex1, CAC, National Winner and BOB!

Partly because of the hot weather and partly because we had a very long way home we didn't stay till the final competitons and went home right after the judging in the ring.

During the weekend  21.-22.5. we went to a double show in Litoměřice. I llitomerice-1_kellinka.jpgike it there very much, the exhibition grounds are full of grass and the weather is always nice. Both days the numbers of italian greyhounds entered were almost the same: on Saturday at the National Dog Show it was 16 (the judge was Mr. Leoš Jančík from Czech) and on Sunday at the International Dog Show it was 15 (the judge was Mr. Roberto Schill from Romania). Mr. Jančík insisted on perfect movement and very straight legs and was quite strict.

Kellinka surpressed her nature and showed herself quite nicely :) Mr. Jančík told me she wasn't quite finished yet, so he didn't give her the title (well she was in the junior class!!! The best male in the junior class was very good, so I kept quiet :), but Mr. Shill liked her very much.
NDS Litoměřice - Ex1
IDS Litoměřice - Ex1, CAJC, Best Junior

Tituška also showed herself very well both days. Both judges pointed out her ellegant and typical movement, delicate and feminine outlines and excellent presentation.
Group 10 on Saturday was judged by italian judge, Mr. Claudio de Guiliano.
NDS Litoměřice - Ex1, CAC, National Winner, BOB, R.BIG
IDS Litoměřice - Ex1, CAC, CACIB


mvp-praha-01_david.jpg14/5 I went with David, Kellinka and Tituška to the International Dog Show in Prague. There were recor-braking 31 italian greyhounds entered and the breed was judged by Mr. Javier Sanchez from Spain. I saw him judge in 2009, si knew that he judges well and understands the breed, but doesn't mind height much.

David showed himself very well and received CAC with 3 other males in class. Mr. Sanches liked him very much and gave him also the CACIB. Now I can officially announce that David will stay with us and will not go back to Norway! I'm sooo happy!!!

Kellinka went next. The judge also liked her, but unfortunmvp-praha-07_kellinka.jpgatelly she needs more discipline in the ring, so she finished with Ex2 after beautiful Lúthien Gil-Endor.

Tituška showed herself well and just like David got CAC with 3 other females in the class. She finished second best female with R.CAC after beautiful Talata Yvett, who was also BOB. However Yvett is already an international champion so the CACIB will go to our Tita!


img_8380.jpgOur Kellinka is one year old today! She's matured into a very beautiful and sweet young lady which only makes us happy. HERE you can see some new pictures.img_8306.jpg

img_8124.jpgOur puppies are three weeks old today, have look at some new pictures! They strated playing and walking a few days ago and it's so amazing to see them grow so quickly.



On Saturday 23/4 we went to a show again, this time to České Budějovice and maybe for the first time we enjoyed warmth not only outside but also inside of the sun-warmed halls. The judge was Mrs. Urek from Slovenia. Even though I think that David, Kellinka and Tituška presented themselves perfectly, the judge preferred other IGs and David and Tituška finished only with reserve titles and Kellinka with Ex3. I was a bit sorry that such an accurate judge didn't put more thought to her evaluations, which are for all three of my dogs almost the same. Well we still enjoyed a lovely day and now we are looking forward to the next show :)


Our A puppies are one week old today!


Finally we bring the long expected news! Last night at early morning hours our Isabellka gave birth to three beautiful males (Ametyst, Aquamarine and Atractivo). The whole family is all right and contented, Isabellka is a great mother, taking care of the little ones very carefully. We are very happy! For more detaliled info and pictures please see our Puppy page.


kolin_maly-a-velky-v-boxu.jpgOn the weekend 2-3/4 we spent the first warm spring days in Kolín at a racing competition and in Litomyšl at a lure coursing training.

As every year at the first racing competition of the year in Kolín, there was a measurement of height for racing and the lure coursing which was the last condition for our Tituška to obtain her racing and lure coursing licence. Then both Tituška and Kellinka ran half the course and we hurried back home.

On Sunday we spent a lovely sunny day at a lure coursing training in Litomyšl. It was a first time for us there and we were very pleased with the choice of the place! It is an area for riding horses, so the grass is cut reguralry and there are some fences and jumps - something completely new for my girls. On the other side litomysl_02.jpgof the hill we could let the pack run free between the runs. Initially I planned for Tituška and Kellinka to run together, but when I saw the track, I thought it would be better if they tried solo runs to gain experience. Both my girls managed the two 500m long runs great!

46.-den_2.jpgNew pictures on the Puppy page.

g-vrh-7-dnu--orinoco-x-david.jpgOn 21/3 our special Norwegian guest David became the Father of a G litter in the King of Ivar Kennel. There are three beutiful grey males and the Mother is a very lovely black female Orinoco Flower King of Ivar. We congratulate to the proud Mother and the breeder Iva Vaňková!

On the picture you can see the family 7 days after the delivery.

29.-den.jpgIsabellka's belly is slowly growing (it's the 34th day after the mating) and she's healthy and still very lively. We are very much looking forward to the puppies!!!

For more details and updates please see Puppies / Planned Litters. On the picture is Isabellka 29th day after the mating.

On Sunday 13/3 I went with Tituška and Kellinka to a lure coursing training to the airport in Česká Třebová. Monika and Phoebe went with us so we had a very nice Sunday afrenoon. The weather was nice and sunny, even though the later it was the more the wind was blowing. But my girls didn't mind the wind at all because they couldn't wait for me to let them run. Tituška ran the whole 500 m long course twice and she did great although I could see the long winter signed in her form. Kellinka ran for the first time so at first I only ler her on a shortened course and when I saw how excited she was I let her run the whole 500 m. When she finished, she looked like she would love another run :) Below you can see Kellinka at the winningpost.


Yesterday on an Italian Greyhound Club  meeting our Isabellka was officially awarded by the Italian Greyhound Club Champion title, we are very happy!

talata_david.jpgDuring this weekend (5.-6.2.) I went with Kellinka, Tituška and David to the international dog show Duo-CACIB Brno. I was very much looking forward to the show, because there were international judges judging both days - on Saturday it was Mr. Göran Bodegard from Sweden and on Sunday it was Mr. Arne Foss from Norway. Both judges really knew the breed and they were strict but still fair. I really like their reports which were extensive and accurate mentioning every detail. I will be glad to keep all of them!

Both judges liked David, he showed himself nicely - unfortunately on Saturday he was in class with a latvian male Lux Loral Jeal Jeremy who was tituska_kruh.jpgCACIB and on Sunday he was a bit shy on the table, which Mr. Foss didn't like, but he received lovely evaluations and both judges told me they really liked him!

Tita also showed herself very nicely - on Saturday she finished with R.CAC after Belladona Feritte Bugsy who was R.CACIB and on Sunday after Wassabi King of Ivar who was CACIB. Again I was happy with her evaluations and her presentation.

The star of the weekend for us was our youngster Kellinka. Both days she was very promissing, got lovelly evaluations and presented herself beautifully (even though she is still a bit too happy in action).


Our handsome norwegian houseguest Talata David sirred a litter in Můj Andílek Kennel. The puppies were born yesterday, three females and two males. I slept over at Monika's house in Česká Třebová after the show in Olomouc, so I was lucky to be present when Phoebe (Ragazza z Kozího vršku) delivered five beautiful pups. Everything went smooth and quite fast and in a short while there were five lovely babies in a crate sucking milk from their Mother.

The puppies are healthy and strong and we are so happy! We congratulate to the Mother and wish the little ones all the best to their lives!

Below you can see Phoebe just a few days before the delivery and with the puppies.



nvp-olomouc-05_talata-david.jpgYesterday I went with Tita and David to our first this year's show in Olomouc. We came quite early, so we were able to find a place in a corner out of the drift and cold. David showed himself first. He presented himself very well, the judge especially liked his excellent movement, soundness and lovely head. He finished with Ex1, CAC and National Winner (BOS). After a short pause, I went to show Tita in Junior Class. Unfortunately there were czechoslovakian wolfhounds with a very loud audience in the next ring that distracted her grately most of the time in the ring, so she finished only with Ex3. As far as I know the judge, Mrs. Růžičková, prefers isabella color with black basis and the results corresponded to that (Best Junior - Bolero King of Ivar, BOB - Sonata Bohemia Skara), so I'm very happy that David was an exception!