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28. 5. 2009

Authority to Compete (EN)

Authority to Compete (ATC)

In order to show your dog in the UK (and at Crufts), your dog must either be already registered with the Kennel Club or you must have obtained an Authority to Compete (ATC) number from the Kennel Club.

What is an Authority to Compete (ATC) number?

Exhibitors from overseas who want to compete in any discipline in the UK must apply for an 'Authority to Compete' registration number for each dog which will be valid for the life of the dog and will cost £12. (Alterations will be subject to a further fee). The ATC number must be
used on all entry forms, and will include a reference to the dog's country of residence.

 Application for an Authority to Compete (ATC) number

What do I need to do?

You can either telephone the Kennel Club directly  on + 44 (0) 870 606 6750 or download the form from the link above.

You will be required to attach a 3 generation pedigree for your dog.

Send the completed ATC form including the £12 fee and 3 generation pedigree of your dog to:

The Kennel Club
4A Alton House Office Park
Gatehouse Way
Bucks HP19 8XU

Telephone 00 44 (0) 870 606 6750
Facsimile 00 44 (0) 1296 486725

What happens next?

The Kennel Club will issue the applicant with a unique ATC number for that dog. This number will be required on ALL entry forms submitted by overseas competitors and will avoid the need for competitors to attach a copy of the dog's pedigree or registration details to any entry form.

(*Please refer to the Important Notes box in relation to your Crufts entry form)

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many days should I allow from sending in the application form to receiving an ATC number for my dog?
A: The applicant must allow 28 days

Q: Do I need to include a self addressed envelope for the reply?
A: No

Q: Does the £12 fee per dog have to be in pounds or can I send the equivalent in another currency?
A: At this moment in time, the fee must be in pounds sterling or you can quote your credit card number on the form.

Q: Do the Kennel Club require original paperwork for my dog's 3 generation pedigree, or will a photocopy suffice?
A: The Kennel Club requires a 3 generation pedigree issued by the appropriate overseas Kennel Club. A photocopy is acceptable.

For further information and guidance please call our Specialist Team on 00 44 (0) 870 606 6750

Glossary of Canine Terms

  • Dam - Mother of the litter
  • Sire/Stud - Dog Father of the litter
  • Whelping - Date puppies born
  • Breeder - Registered owner of the dam
  • Progeny - Offspring/puppies
  • Kennel Name - Name exclusive to breeder

Important Notes:

i. Once you have your ATC number it is important to remember that you still need to complete the Crufts entry form. Once your Crufts entry form is completed please send to:

The Kennel Club
1-5 Clarges Street
London W1J 8AB

ii. Dogs now registered overseas which were originally registered with the Kennel Club in the UK, do NOT require an ATC Form.

Check List:

  • Have you completed all sections required?
  • Have you checked all parties have signed the declaration?
  • Have you included a copy of a certified 3 generation pedigree (photocopy) issued by the appropriate overseas Kennel Club?
  • Have you included an owner registration certificate issued by the appropriate overseas Kennel Club? (if applicable)
  • Have you included your payment?